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Mobile App Development

With the universal take up of mobile computing and custom developed apps, now’s the time to get ahead with your digital transformation.

You can take advantage of our pre-written library of routines, components and expertise to differentiate your offering while providing increased convenience to all.

We can cater for your mobile software requirements including:

  • Developing native applications downloaded and installed to phone/tablet devices that can run both connected and disconnected from the Internet.
  • Take advantage of phone/device features such as camera, GPS, touch screen, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and pressure sensors.
  • Have your app integrated with other devices/applications including wireless printing, barcode scanners, geo-mapping and turn by turn driving direction navigation services.
  • Integration with the most popular social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.
  • Secure the benefits from interfaces to back office/legacy systems (in real time or batch synchronised).

Mobile apps provide many new opportunities for innovators. Speak with CIBIS about custom developing apps to suit your specific needs and opportunities.

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