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CIBIS assists over 60 local governments throughout Australia and has a deep understanding of local government Enterprise Management (ERP) and Content Management platforms.

We understand local government resources are limited and we help by transforming manual processes into automated digital solutions.

CIBIS is ISO 27001 certified and our software solutions are hosted exclusively in Australia on the CIBIS Secure Cloud platform within Amazon Web Services. Your data security is our top priority.

Development Applications

Due to pressures on the property market, state governments are increasingly requiring local government accountability for development activities.

CIBIS has assisted many councils within NSW streamline this process by integrating the NSW Government Planning Portal with Enterprise Management and Content Management platforms. Local governments have a completely integrated solution, eliminating the need for manual data entry, improving turnaround time, ensuring compliance, and significantly reducing the time and cost involved in managing development applications.

Rapid Development Applications
DA Online
Civica Application Query
Efficient Data Capture

Efficient Data Capture

The need for local government staff to attend to routine data entry tasks, transcribing information from web forms or PDFs is a thing of the past.

CIBIS’s Formlify form builder is integrated with local government Enterprise Management and Content Management platforms. Formlify enables simple or complex rules-based data capture and provides an extensive array of options including geolocation, workflow, messaging, calculations, and integration with external business integration software like Microsoft Power Automate. Formlify can accept payment, verify identity, and even functions offline when a mobile device is out of range making it ideal for field service applications.

Formlify forms can be embedded within your existing web site and customised for your existing branding, including on mobile devices.

iPhone 11 displaying a Formlify form
Content Manager

We work with you to ensure the data captured is forwarded to your Enterprise Management or Content Management platform in alignment with your existing business processes or you can manage the information without 3rd party integration.

Local governments using Formlify have significantly improved resident services, streamlined internal processes, removed errors, and saved time and cost by eliminating the need for manual data handling.

Please visit our dedicated site for more information:

Developer Infrastructure Contributions

CIBIS has partnered with Novoplan, the leading developer of infrastructure contribution and delivery software, to provide local government with a fully integrated solution. Applications and updates, task allocation, and billing and payments can all be managed from within your Enterprise Management system and documents are submitted to the Content Management system automatically in alignment with your current business rules.

Developer Infrastructure Contributions
Development Update

Novoplan modernises the entire infrastructure contribution process for local government and integration with Enterprise platforms streamlines the process from end-to-end.

Sewage Treatment Systems Service Reporting

Sewage Treatment Systems - Service Reporting

>on-trac is a digital platform supporting the collection and collation of information on the performance of on-site sewage management systems. It transforms the current approach to reporting (which is often paper based) and provides rapid information to business owners, Service Agents, and Local Government.

CIBIS has partnered with >on-trac to provide integration with local government Enterprise Management and Content Management platforms. A combination of >on-trac and CIBIS middleware provides a completely integrated Sewage Treatment System (STS) reporting solution along with powerful data capture tools.

on-trac dashboard

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