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CIBIS has been working with the Australian Higher Education sector for more than 25 years. During that time, we’ve established a compelling portfolio of products to simplify the student acquisition and admission process including EAAMS, LAVA, Credit Calculator and Formlify.

We assist educational institutions in throughout Australia to streamline their admissions process.

CIBIS is ISO 27001 certified and our software solutions are hosted exclusively in Australia on the CIBIS Secure Cloud platform within Amazon Web Services. Your data security is our top priority.

Enquiry and Application Management System (EAAMS)

EAAMS is a specialised student application management solution used by educational institutions seeking to efficiently process student enquiries.

EAAMS Application History screenshot

EAAMS caters for the diverse needs of many users including potential students, enrolled students, university admissions and faculty staff, offshore agents, as well as staff from external institutions.

EAAMS enables reduction in turn-around time between prospects searching for study placement options and securing a conditional binding offer letter to study at your institution (all within a fully compliant and auditable way).

It brings responsiveness, clarity and confidence to the whole application, enrolment, and student support lifecycle. A host of optional modules are available including credit calculators (RPL), enrolment and tracking for extra-curricular activities as well as interfaces with other systems (e.g. Student Management Systems). It makes the entire suite very flexible.

EAAMS provides your users with as much autonomy as your business processes permits, while ensuring your business rules apply consistently throughout the entire application processing lifecycle.

Importantly, using EAAMS within the Australian educational context ensures the compliance of your registration process and obligations under the Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000 (ESOS Act).

LAVA Brochure Generator

Our LAVA solution creates branded, personalised brochures containing information about your products and/or services that are dynamically updated in real-time. It then automatically emails your customer a professionally formatted PDF tailored to the type of enquiry they make on your website.

It’s like having your own 24/7 client service team ready to take enquiries from prospective customers.

LAVA is fully automated, and it does all this within minutes as well as scheduling a note for you to follow up in due course (because their email address is also captured).

LAVA features include:
  • Easily follow-up on enquiries
  • Tracking details of what was sent to who, and when
  • Ensure accurate, relevant information is always on hand for your clients
  • Personalise brochures based on client response e.g. include a ‘Dear [first name]’ greeting
  • Brochures are easily forwarded by email to others, providing a ready-made referral service
  • Brochures can be written in many different languages

LAVA integrates with our EAAMS product permitting automated generation of e-brochures for prospective students.

Credit Calculator

Developed specifically for the international higher education market, our Credit Calculator enables applicants and university admissions staff to immediately determine what credit, advanced standing, or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) will be granted for study already completed by the applicant.

Credit Calculator

Credit Calculator shows what credit previously studied subjects or units will attract allowing applicants to compress study duration and associated fees.

The CIBIS Credit Calculator:
  • Empowers you to codify your credit assessment rules. This results in greater uniformity in the application of those rules, and it is accessible and maintained from a single, central system.
  • Assists students to understand what credit will be granted without delay and at the time of making their enquiry - without the need for staff intervention or involvement.
  • Is positively correlated with increased enquiry rates. Students generally seek to minimise costs associated with studying abroad and any credit granted helps to compress course length and thus decrease their costs.
  • Provides instant feedback to applicants as to which courses or programs are available that will result in some credit being offered eliminating a “trial and error” approach.
  • Assists in funnelling qualified applicants into the acquisition pipeline as opposed to selecting other institutions.


CIBIS’ Formlify form builder enables simple or complex rules-based data capture and provides an extensive array of options including geolocation, workflow, integration with business integration software like Microsoft Power Automate, data retention rules, payments, and identity verification.

EAAMS Assessment Record

Formlify forms can be embedded within your existing web site and customised for your existing branding.

Formlify integrates with our EAAMS product enabling you to capture data of any type as part of your student admission or assessment process.

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