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How Private is your Client Database?

How private is the information on your client database?

There is a good chance that a customer has already provided you with personal information today. It might have been via an online form or just an innocent comment in passing… possibly something like details about a birthday celebration or the mentioning of a spouse or child’s name. Did you succumb to temptation and record the information in your database?

The responsibilities of a company and of an individual relating to the protection of information, ensuring privacy and data security, whilst supporting the efficiency and effectiveness of ICT assets, are occupying an ever increasing share of IT Managers and Company Directors time.

We’re sure you recognise the vital role information and communication technology (ICT) plays in your business. And it is this importance that is leading to a growing focus on Governance relating to ICT principles and practices. These issues are gaining an increasingly prominent position in the media, senior management and board room discussions.

So it's worth asking, how are you positioned to address questions on possible flaws in your security strategy that might allow unauthorised access to information facilitating identity theft? When did you last conduct an audit of your organisations ICT resources that might identify opportunities that could lead to, or encourage the misuse of these resources?

In order to ensure that you and your organisation are adequately covered and well-positioned to answer any questions around this topic, CIBIS has prepared a checklist of items that you should consider in your preparation.

If any of those items provoke your interest and you cannot be confident that your business has these areas properly covered, now is the time to act. CIBIS are specialists in this area and, through the application of our compliant framework, have been helping companies secure their information and ensure their ICT resources are both efficient and effective for over 10 years.

The scouting motto “Be Prepared” has never been more appropriate than in these questioning times - particularly when you learn what the consequences of not managing your risks really are! And the time we have during the coming holiday season is perfect for attending to these kinds of matters.

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