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How to minmise the underpayment of employees

In the news over the last few months, there have been numerous reports of companies under paying their staff. This leads to adverse impact on the organisation’s reputation, while leaving customers and wider stakeholders open to question the competency of the operations as a whole - which in turn may impact revenues and thus profitability. 

Due to the complexity of the ATO requirements, selecting a suitable payroll system is increasingly critical. It means ensuring your solution it is integrated and compliant with the ATO’s Single Touch Payroll protocols and more. 

Having knowledge of your industry sector, the relevant awards and associated entitlements for correctly paying staff is one thing, but you also need to consider the functionality of your payroll system. Can it be configured to support your overall payroll and accounting requirements? Can you deal with employees having different loadings (annual leave, shift, overtime) on different awards, and can you track Time in Lieu while being fully compliant with Fair Work Australia’s obligations? 

Xpect Payroll has been designed with these issues in mind and even more importantly, it’s all pre-integrated within the one Xpect accounting solution helping to reduce accounting errors and keep track of accruals. It is fully flexible and can be tailored to fit your business and payroll requirements. 

We’ve made it as flexible and straightforward as possible so once it's setup, you can focus on other key areas of your business. For more information, please contact us.

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