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Is your smart phone policy a smart, phone policy?

Have you contemplated the risks you place your business in using BYOD?  Do you have the right policies in place (both technical and written)?

With the increasing number of Smart Phones and Tablets on the market today, businesses are becoming ever more reliant on having access to corporate information via a mobile device. Coupled with the requirement of having mobile access to corporate information is the added complexity of supporting a “Bring your own device”, or BYOD, policy to allow staff to pick and choose their own mobile device.

In order to ensure your corporate information is safe and secure on the myriad of mobile devices that may be used by your staff, a comprehensive mobile device policy is required to help govern the way in which corporate data is stored, transmitted and ultimately protected on those mobile devices.

We at CIBIS have a continued commitment to data security at all levels of business from SOHO to large government enterprises and can help you ensure your corporate data remains protected from falling into the wrong hands.

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