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Customised software delivers more accurate and timely inspection and reporting. Mine and machine safety inspections undergoing a technical revolution.

The process of mine and machine safety inspections and reporting is undergoing a technical revolution.

CQMS Razer are world leaders in the design, manufacture and field-life management of large surface mining and fixed plant products, equipment and wear parts. Their i3R program (Inspect, Record, Recommend and Report) has been critical in delivering improvements in mine and machine safety, productivity and performance in Australia, and abroad for over 30 years.

“At CQMS Razer, we’re always looking for new ways to increase reporting efficiency, accuracy, detail and speed while continuing to set the highest standards in customer service levels” says Mike Walker, General Manager (Global Business Development).

“In 2015 we engaged CIBIS to come up with a way to make i3R even more efficient and effective. It’s incredibly valuable to us and to our customers that we get independent reporting and protect their most important front line production assets. They set the productivity drum beat of the mine – and we are there to support them to deliver it.”

CIBIS was contracted to develop a complete response that would encompass the whole of the i3R process. CIBIS developed a custom software solution that allows operational field staff to conduct inspections and record their onsite visits in real time, using an iPad with refined touch integration and hotspot mapping.

“We really set a high bar for what we wanted. We were looking for a system that would work in remote Australia and abroad, with and without internet access” said Mr Walker

“We wanted it to talk to our central systems (CRM, parts and authentication systems) with ease… and we absolutely needed a system simple enough for everyone to use, in the office or on site.”

The software also automatically sends reports to customers, can capture performance metrics, distributes and marks up images taken onsite, and allows users to preload specifications and drawings.

General Manager at CIBIS, Tony Heitmeyer said, “The solution came together well, including some last minute, wish-list features that make it even more practical for field staff and site configuration.”

With the software launched this week, Mr Walker says “we believe this helps to cement CQMS Razer as one of the world leaders in our field. Our clients have come to expect and depend on our mantra of continuous improvement and innovation. The guys at CIBIS have delivered an outstanding result.”

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