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Your business needs a mobile app

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3 Ways to App Development

Would your business benefit from reaching customers or employees wherever they are, 24/7? Do you want to engage better with your market audience? Does your business face challenges peculiar to your industry? Does your business collect data?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, you need a mobile app. Here’s why.

  1. Use an expert. Outsourcing app development to an expert can make good business sense. It’s efficient and your product will be well thought through. Make sure you have a clear contract that covers pricing, aims, expectations and intellectual property.
  2. Build it yourself. There’s a myriad of tools available online to help you build a simple app. If you’re tech savvy and you have plenty of time to spare, this could be the option for you.
  3. Use an established framework. Point-of-sale systems, stock management and data access apps can all be adapted from existing frameworks. Talk to an expert app developer about the available options.

Apps take your businesses to the customers.
Most of your customers are smartphone users. Embracing mobile apps helps you engage with customers wherever they are, and whenever they want your service or product.

Find out more about your customers
The sheer volume of customer data gathered through mobile apps is staggering. Use it to learn more about your customers: identify the demographics and locations with the most potential or need for your business. Smart businesses use these insights and turn them into new business opportunities, product enhancements and targeted services.

Establish yourself as an industry leader (and make a tidy profit)
Apps aren’t just for customers. Customised, creative solutions can help your business to work more efficiently and effectively with their resources e.g. by capturing valuable offsite data in real-time. If the right solution for your business has the potential to be applied across a whole industry, you’re onto a winner— you not only establish yourself as an industry leader, you can package the Intellectual Property and create a new revenue stream.

Apps increase your website traffic
When you develop an app that’s optimised for Apple’s app store and Google Play, you get the added benefit of directing targeted traffic to your website and getting backlinks from high authority pages. This boosts your website traffic and helps your search engine ranking.

Apps can bring in money directly
Mobile apps can be a direct revenue stream for businesses through in-app advertisements, charging a download fee, or including paid features within the app.

Apps promote innovation
Mobile apps offer new opportunities for innovation and creative solutions to customer and business needs. They can be used to find new ways to resolve customer issues—leading you to develop new products and services that satisfy your customers.

Apps are for businesses of every shape and size
Smaller businesses with niche audiences may avoid mobile app development from fear that costs could exceed their budget. Yes, development can turn out to be an expensive affair, but it doesn’t have to be the case. Good planning and shunning too many bells and whistles will help to keep costs low. You can hire an expert app developer to help you create your app more efficiently.

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